School memories are the most treasured memories for all.  This alumni site for the 1980 batch of Sardar Patel students has been set-up to re-connect and relive those memories.

The Mega Reunion for our batch is today 12/8/2012 at 10 am at the School premises.  Check out our invitation for you on the image to the left.  For our classmates who are unable to attend or for those overseas we have a live webcast of the event.  Please logon to our facebook group for the url of the link.

Last evening 11/8/2012,  we had a fun evening for our classmates and family.  Look out for updates in our photo gallery for photos of both the events.

Our Story

Some of our classmates started connecting in July of 2011, by August of 2011 we were connected on a facebook group and on 4th of September 2011 we had our first reunion! today we are connected to almost 80 percent of our classmates!!!

 If you are not already on our facebook group click on the image and request to join or just write to our committee members.

This website is being updated, please come back again.  We have lots to share.


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